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The purpose of the ALOX Token is two-fold; first, to raise the last round of capital to complete the Audiolox Secure Music Platform.

Secondly, to utilize the token for premium in-app purchases, such as individual subscriptions, online merchandise, gift the token to other subscribers, etc. 


Corporate Audiolox GMH Technology PTE LTD, A Singapore corporation, Partnered with Audiolox Inc., USA. We are a team with vast experience in growth investments, accounting, sales/trading, sales leadership, and business facilitation services.

With many years of experience, we understand the obstacles and risks involved during business expansions to a new country. Hence, we provide solutions in introducing your product(s) across borders, support in setting up distributor agreements, investment solutions, and many other services to help expand your business. In addition, we act as a facilitator in globalizing your product(s) via our Dubai office.

Our products are “technology disruptors.” We offer unique product solutions to make the world ecologically “greener,” plus a safer and better place to live.


Audiolox GMH Technology: Our unlimited passion for Green technology, content, services, and relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to deliver ground-breaking technologies in ways only
AGT can.


Audiolox a radically new ( Artificial Intelligence) Web3 secure music application utilizing Blockchain and Loxsync's new Ai structure, custom-designed for the music industry and its artists.

Audiolox is a "technology disrupter" this kind of Artificial Intelligence technology will significantly impact other software platforms as it emerges onto the world stage, same as the invention of the internet itself.


Introduction Video of Loxsync Technologies

Web3.0 Features


Decentralized finances (also referred to as DeFi) are all about a brisk shift from traditional or centralized finances to decentralized blockchain technologies. 


A DAO could make money through financial transactions, backed with a smart contract. Most entities of this type are funded by issuing tokens (essentially its own cryptocurrency) that are then distributed to the membership.


Audiolox will move the decision making process to the DAO eventually, to make it essentially a community driven project. But we also understand that it's a long-term process.

Web 3.0 

Future of The Internet

Problem With Web2 Applications

1) Traditional Music Platforms vs Audiolox, traditional music platforms use third-party databases to store the music files and are susceptible to getting hacked with the loss of major revenue for the music industry. Where as Audiolox is a stand-alone system.

2) The current music platforms are primarily geared toward data mining and advertising toward their customer base to generate revenue; in return, shallow revenue stream for the music industry.

Blockchain Music Problems:

1) Music apps on Blockchain have an inferior user interface because third-party sharing and UI/UX are designed for Web2 application software, not Web3.

2) Bad Tokenomics ~ No usability, poor diversity, and adds little to no value to the entire ecosystem.


Web2 Solutions 

Implement an Ai Web3 Interface System: Audiolox was created for Web3 applications to interface with Blockchain.
The Ai generates an algorithm every 3-5 seconds to eliminate any readable or playable data, keeping the data fluid and passive, to create a secure music environment.


AI Web3 Interface System:
Audiolox was created for Web3 applications to interface with Blockchain. The Ai generates an algorithm every 3-5 seconds to eliminate any readable or playable data, keeping the data fluid and passive. Audiolox anticipates an inevitable shift towards decentralization in the music industry market.


Higher than any average music payouts ( One Penny Per Play) The Ai only needs seconds to authenticate the user's permission to play the song or video. This system doesn't use hours of broad-band usage as conventional music platforms use; therefore, Audiolox's secure music platform can payout much higher compensation rates..


Audiolox App Demo, showing all the features and benefits of the Ai app. 

Token Description

ALOX token holders form part of Audiolox's decentralized organization and can help shape the platform's development by creating the benchmark of the most popular songs and performers.

ALOX tokens can be used to purchase premium in-app items such as individual subscriptions, online merchandise, gift the token to other subscribers, etc.
Please feel free to download the ALOX Pitch Deck from link below.

Please contact us by email for any further information on how you can purchase the ALOX Token for the completion of the Audiolox Secure Music Platform.


Medium.Com / August 25, 2022

Audiolox Creates a Paradigm Shit for the Music Industry.

Startup Fortune / June 12, 2022

Audiolox Moves the Music Business Market towards Decentralization.

Telegram / August 20, 2022

Audiolox Secure Music Platform and utilize Alox token for premium in-app purchases.

Techbillion News Article

Techbillion / September 19, 2022

Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Ai Embedded Audiolox Secure Music Application.

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All You Should Know About The Alox Token.


Global News Wire / October 14, 2022

Audiolox Announces Early-Stage Fundraising Pledge by Investors Surpassed Its Seed Round Target by 20%.

Yahoo News Article

Yahoo News / October 14, 2022

Audiolox Announces Early-Stage Fundraising Pledge by Investors Surpassed Its Seed Round Target by 20%.


Audiolox build-out timeline

Audiolox Admin Build-out

In early August, the ALOX Token will be launched for the first Seed round to raise capital for Audiolox Inc.

Audiolox Secure Music Platform is the first Ai to Ai Web3 music platform created for the future of digital cryptocurrency.

Posted: July 27, 2022

Social Media Campaign

Alox Token has launched its marketing campaign to promote the sale of the token on all major social media platforms, including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, TikTok, and numerous others sites. The response has been overwhelming, and our community is growing rapidly.

Posted: August 10, 2022

Seed Fundraising Update

ALOX is proud to announce we have achieved early-stage pledges from investors that have exceeded our Seed Round fundraising goals by 20%.

Posted: September 11, 2022

Launching Alox in Dubai

Alox will be launching Live in Dubai on October the 5th. First, at 6:00 pm, the creator of Audiolox Secure Music Platform, Mark Byron Lane, will present to guests Audiolox's technology at the Dubai SLS hotels' convention hall hosted by CLS. Then, at 7:30 pm, an exclusive VIP private rooftop after party with cocktails by top bartenders to network with crypto leaders and experts at night.

Posted: September 11, 2022

Dubai Seed Fundraising Update

ALOX, while in Dubai had a huge Token Release party and Conferance and have obtained commitments for the full seed round pending.

Posted: October 12, 2022

Coinmarketcap Listing

Alox is proud to announce that we have been accepted and listed on Coinmarketcap.

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Posted: October 14, 2022

Seed Round Fundrasing Update

Alox is proud to announce that we have had a substantial seed round fundrasing by 35% increase.

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Posted: March 1, 2023

Our Team

Over 150 years Worth of Combined Business Experience!

Mark Byron Lane PhD.
Dr. Mark Lane

Chemical Engineer and Nano Technologist,
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Project contractor for NASA, Boeing, ESA, Esslab, Berkeley lab, Beam Lab, JPL, and Lockheed, Martin.
 President of Loxsync Technologies through a partnership with Princeton Consultants and Syncteq Corporation. With this New Artificial Intelligence (Ai) technology.

Jamil Mikata
Jamil Mikati
Managing Partner

Executive Business Entrepreneur,
American Stairs, A-1 Ironworks, Beaver EcoWorks, Pinetop Mill, Old Kansas Supply, Jamil has built, developed, and manages teams of professionals in the fields manufacturing, construction, environmental systems, and supply chain.

Bob Heth
Bob Heth

Executive Business Developer,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
CEO of Alt Tech Industries, Executive VP, Americas of Servomex, Executive VP of Solarcraft Inc., Managing Partner of Kaizen Performance, Robert was the executive leader of over 400 professionals in the fields of power supply, control systems for energy, communications, telemetry, transportation applications, and healthcare products.

Bob Gardener
Bob Gardener

Certified Public Accountant / Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 
Robert have served in the Public sector for 50 years and formed his own firm in 1984, Presently a partner in Gardener & Gardener CPA'S and the owner of Robert J. Gardener Inc. and The Gardener Group that provides full accounting; tax and consulting services in many diversified fields

Joyce Joy
Joyce Joy

Chief Operations Officer (COO), Audiolox GMH, Singapore, GMH Global Tech LLC, Florida USA, GMH Volant General Trading LLC, Dubai. Joyce is an Entrepreneur and a Strategic thinker with over eight years of experience in Corporate strategy, product development, and business operations. She has demonstrated the ability to develop innovative plans for growth profitability for different business models and high-tech products in the US and Mena region.

Dana Fakhreddine
Dana Fakhreddine
Financial Advisor

Noble Financing Broker Sole Establishment, Dubai, UAE. Dana is an expert in Finance with over 20 years of experience in banking and wealth management. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, Canadian University, of Dubai, 2015-2017. Diploma Accounting, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, 2000. Training at Ministry of Finance during study.

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